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Yorks Framing offer a free consultation to discuss how best to show off your memorabilia. We will advise how say turning the sleeves or tapering the body very slightly or incorporating photos or engraved plaques will transform this into a show stopper. We also advise on the colour combinations of certain mount colours to bring out the best and also background colours to show off you treasured signed shirt.

Dependant on your budget the best and most popular way we wrap our shirts is to pin them to foam board. We always pin and stitch (we never use tape).

This means at any time you can retrieve your shirt if you ever want to. No tape which has bled into the fabric and essentially ruined it. We have just reframed a signed ‘Real Madrid’ shirt which was stapled down and is by far the worst example we have ever seen, so trust the professionals @ Yorks Framing.

We can also design with the help of our computerised mount cutter, a contoured shape or incorporate pretty much anything you want in the shirt design.

We will take a colour out of the shirt and incorporate it into a double mount so that the inner colour mount really connects with the shirt. We have a few examples listed below to show you our work.

When it comes to protecting the shirt most people are happy for standard 2mm Glass or 2mm acrylic glazing. You also have the chance to add Art-Glass which is the ultimate and will prevent unwanted fading long term and also bring out the colours better with no reflection. See our glass department for more information.


Standard Football / Rugby Shirt Framing

Total price is £108 (including VAT)

With single mount, Standard Glass


Football / Rugby Shirt Framing

Total price is £165 (including VAT)

With Double Mounts, Standard Glass


Football / Rugby Shirt Framing

Total price is £200 (Including VAT)

With Double Mounts, Standard Glass, Multiple Apertures, Engraved Plaque

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