Canvas Stretching & Framing Course


Learn from the experts!

This Canvas Stretching & Framing course is aimed at anyone who would like to learn how to stretch, wrap and frame a canvas, whether you’ve some experience or you’re a complete beginner this course is for you!

Hands on, expert led training is always the best way to pick up new skills!  We have a combined experience of 40+ years in the industry and a fantastic track record to prove it, just look at our reviews on Google!

On this course you will learn using brand new tools in a friendly and professional environment.  As well as the tools, training and purpose built workshop we also provide as much Tea, Coffee and biscuits you can handle.

Get to know us & what we do and also learn from your fellow students; we aim to provide a learning space that encourages sharing ideas and techniques!

🖼️ Time : 10:00am to 5:00pm (1 Day)

Course Dates: April, May & June (One Sunday per month)

Location : 230 Harrogate Road, LS7 4QD, Chapel Allerton, Leeds, West Yorkshire

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Wrap like a Pro!

We will show you how to take a canvas print and explore various stretching and framing techniques. 

If you believe you would benefit from learning how to cut the moulding for frames, we recommend considering our Basics of Framing course which we are working on for later this year. 

It will be a valuable introductory course to teach you the full process and techniques for frame cutting, glass cutting etc.

Dates Available :  7/4/24, 19/5/24,  2/6/24 (Sundays 10am- 5pm)


You’ll learn the following:-

  1. Planning your canvas art project out with consideration for the style of your artwork.
  2. Understanding all of the terminology related to different canvas stretching styles. 
  3. Specialist tools and equipment and the  techniques for stretching canvas art and attaching it to our stretcher mouldings. (We do not use stretcher bars and wedges-you will be shown the best way)
  4. Framing your stretched canvas in multiple ways. 
  5. Advice on finishing and hanging your Art.

Do I need any canvas wrapping experience?

This workshop course is designed to cater to individuals who are brand new to framing, as well as those who may have tinkered in framing their own work. 

You do not need prior experience with hand tools. If you have ever used hand tools it can only be slightly advantageous. 

We will pre-cut the frames and all the stretchers from our in-house framing team, allowing you to join and assemble them yourself during the workshop.

This course will mainly focus on different stretching and framing methods for canvas.


Do I need to bring anything?


Ahead of the course. 

Please send via email/WeTransfer/Dropbox .. 


Three (x3) digital images at least three days before your course starts, we will print after editing, colour balancing , and crop to 300x400mm with border. 

These are all included in the course fee. 

The canvas images will be printed onto the best 340gm Quality Cotton Canvas. 

Please do not bring your own canvas to stretch.

Get in touch if you need help.

Please bring a packed lunch if you wish, although shops are accessible 5 mins from our location. 

We will provide all biscuits, teas & coffees.

If you do not have any images/pictures you would like printing we can either supply you with one or you can stretch the canvas blank and take it home to paint it after the course.

Suitable clothing for a workshop environment:

  • Wear comfortable footwear as we are standing for most of the day.
  • No open toe shoes or sandals
  • No long baggy sleeves or clothing which could get caught up on things. 


You will create the following:-

Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Gallery Wrapped Canvas

A 300x400mm gallery wrapped canvas of one of your images, as above. 

You will have learned how to stretch and wrap your canvas with professional techniques. This will be drum tight and have a quality wrap which will remain like this for years.

Canvas Framed

Framed Canvas

Frame one of your canvas’s in a stylish black or white frame.  Frames overlap the canvas at the edge.

Tray Framed Canvas

Tray Framed Canvas

Finally, frame one of your wrapped canvas’s in an elegant tray frame with a small 5mm shadow gap around the canvas artwork in either black or white. You can decide on the day.


More details

Our Canvas Stretching Courses will be run with a maximum of 4 students. 

It is located on our 2nd Floor purpose built workshop so there will be a set of steps to climb.


It has all the machinery to assemble your x3 pieces of art again all on the same floor. 

The course starts 10am and finishes at 5pm depending on the course numbers. 

There will be a 30/45 minute lunch break around 1pm and a few short refreshment breaks in and between. 

Our courses are based in a lovely suburb called Chapel Allerton, so if you're not familiar with the area, it has a host of places to get food but we do advise bringing a packed lunch or you may miss out on the great opportunity to get to know your fellow students. 

Parking is available in front of and behind our retail showroom and workshops. 

It is located on the main arterial Harrogate Road ideal for Leeds City Centre buses with a bus stop 100 yards away from the workshop. 

There is also a Toby Carvery with a large car park across the road.

Additional information

Choose Date

Sunday 18th February, Sunday 7th April, Sunday 19th May, Sunday 2nd June

What Shall I Bring?

Please bring a packed lunch

We are at 230 Harrogate Road, Chapel Allerton, LS7 4QD (Just near Kwik Fit)

Send in three pictures for printing on canvas
3 pictures sized @ 300 x 400mm – Ask if you need any help.
We'll print the canvasses for you.
Ask if you don't have any images to print.

Please wear suitable clothes, taking into consideration you'll be using heavy machinery; no loose clothing and sturdy footwear.

Tools provided.