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Other Services

Mounting Images

We can mount your Photographs, Prints, Posters, Prints or Maps to different substrates for different effects.

If you have ever had ‘wavy/rippled’ image in a frame or seen one go wavy, rippled over time or when it has got damp or from humidity?

This ruins the look and constantly draws the eye when it happens. We can mount your image to a base material to keep it perfectly flat which looks 100%

Or we can mount onto acid free board if the artwork is not compatible to adhesive boards and secure with conservation acid free tape so the art can always be removed as originally put into a frame.


We can take your images and print them from up-to 44” wide. If you want them colour balancing/enhancing we offer this service.

If you need us to do some digital restoration repair work, we can touch-up an old photograph that may have creases/tears/blemishes etc

We can copy your artwork (see ARTIST in CORPORATE section of website) and produce fantastic Giclee prints using Genuine Epson Featuring an UltraChrome HD eight-colour pigment inks. They deliver 93% of Pantone®-certified1 colours to create superior-quality, highly-accurate results with bright, vivid colours. For stunning prints, an Advanced Black and White Mode helps produce high density, deep, rich blacks and ultra-smooth tones.

Frame Repairs

Can we repair old frames? We can most of the time, we really need to see the condition as some are way past saving, we can’t be more honest.

The most common job is just replacing glass, where you now have the ability to upgrade to the new ARTGLASS or simply to freshen up an old tired frame.

It really isn’t that expensive and transforms them.


We carry a range of papers from a high quality Lustre Finish papers in Fuji – Epson & Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper


Canvas Printing

We can print your own images printed to high quality cotton canvas all sealed with gloss or lustre varnish which enhances the colours and brings out more contrast

Whether you have large panoramas, beach holiday scenes, wide countryside vistas, family or wildlife they all look good when printed to canvas. To enhance your precious canvas we can make a tray frame where the canvas sits inside with usually a 5mm shadow gap.

We carry over 20 of the most popular samples to show you.

This looks amazing and the type you usually see in upmarket galleries for a fraction of the cost. Come in to discuss which option is right for you.

Canvas Stretching

We see a lot of artwork coming into our workshops, from internet purchases to people collecting from their travels abroad and get it taken off the frame to transport home. Either way we carry a number of stretcher bar profiles which we mitre (Not slotted together) like a lot of outlets and hand stretch. These range from shallow to deep profiles. We are able to stretch (or re-stretch) canvas (old or new) and fabric as required. We also offer a Tray framing option. If you click onto Mouldings in our main FRAMING section and type in ‘Tray’ you will see a multitude of colours. The canvas sits inside of this tray frame moulding with a 5mm Shadow gap like you see in most galleries. It really enhances a simple canvas.



We have been stretching and framing cross stitch fabrics for many years and we can offer a number of ways of achieving great looking pieces. Bring them in to us and we will discuss what combination of moulding-mount-Glass etc for your piece. We tend to Steam them so any crease marks are taken out, yes we still get folded embroideries. We then pin or stich them in preparation for framing your treasure piece.

After all your hours of effort in creating your cross stitch bring it to us and let us find the best solution for presenting it. Have a look at your GLASS OPTIONS preserve the thread colours for years to come.


We get asked to frame many different types of fabrics from canvas prints-pieces of clothing to Batiks. They are too varied to cover here as they all demand a different approach and of course customers’ requirements are different. Bring them in to discuss the possibilities.

Digital Restoration

We can provide scanning to digitalisation of your work and providedigital restoration of old or damaged photographs. We also offer digitalisation of old slides and can colour balance & remove old specs and marks they all seem to have.

Slide Scanning/Colourisation/Minor Photoshop is £2.50 + VAT (£3.00) per slide/transparency

Old Photographs Scanning/Colourisation/Minor Photoshop is £2.50 + VAT (£3.00) per slide/transparency

If there is major work we charge £30.00 + VAT per hour

Digital Scanning

If you want your old photographs copying then we have a simple copying service and provide you with a disc un-edited @ £2.00 + VAT (£2.40) per image/slide. This includes the CD/DVD disc

We also have a VHS Tape to DVD service

Mini DV Tape – VHS-c – 8mm – Digital 8mm – Hi8 – Betamax Tape to DVD service

Cine to DVD in either 8mm – Super 8mm or 16mm (Non Sound)

Please enquire for prices as there are too many variables to list prices online.

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