How to clean old oil painting's
As time passes, oil paintings tend to darken due to the accumulation of dirt and yellowing of the
protective varnish layer. Since 1974, oil painting restoration professionals have used Gainsborough Pr
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How to float mount heavy paper
There are two basic methods of float mounting:
Flush - where the paper sits on the surface of the backing mountboard
Raised - where the paper floats above the surface of the backing mountboard
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How to mount bevel wrapping
The top mount is bevel cut in the normal way. Bevelled strips of mountboard
or foamboard are wrapped with decorative self-adhesive paper. These
wrapped strips are then cut roughly to length and positi
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How to make a panel frame
Panel Frame Instruction
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Inkjet Prints on Canvas
Inkjet Prints on Canvas - from start to finish
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